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Michigan Elk

From there the michigan department of natural resources has 13 designated elk viewing locations some of which can be reached by car and some of which can be reached by hiking trail.

Michigan elk. Similar situation occurred in elk habitats in other states. Elk licenses are very limited and only available through drawing. Elk used to be pretty common in michigan and disappeared only in the late 1800s because of uncontrolled hunting and lack of habitat due to deforestation of the state.

About elk in michigan michigan elk. Thunder bay resorts elk viewing dinner rides take guests through a 160 acre elk preserve on a carriage pulled by belgian draft horses to the elk antler log cabin for a gourmet dinner. Due to unrestricted hunting and the loss of their habitat michigans native elk population disappeared in the late 19th century.

In the 20 th century some states began to bring the elk back. From that reintroduction the number of animals grew steadily to about 1500 elk in the early 1960s. Pennsylvania wisconsin and michigan.

The elk herd today dates back to 1918 when seven elk were brought to wolverine from the western united states. Michigans native elk disappeared around 1875. Todays elk herd dates back to 1918 when seven western animals were released near wolverine.

Elk in michigan elk have a remarkable story in our state.

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